RAPTOR Pilot 2: Winners announced

The RAPTOR Pilot 2 submission period closed on the 10 June ! After a competitive two-part judging process, 1 final winner per city challenge was selected. We are pleased to present these winners and excited to share ongoing news in the coming months about their Solution development.

The RAPTOR Programme will be implemented in the following six cities between August and December 2022 :

Resilient & Sustainable Urban Plan – Bratislava

Blue-Green Mapping and Monitoring SaaS Platform for Sustainable Urban Development
BitaGreen – Start-up – Belgium

Predictable Public Transport – Cluj-Napoca

Transport Cluj – Real time public transport tracking
X2 Mobile – Start-up – Romania

Children’s Road safety – Prague 6

KidFlare children traffic reflector and GPS tracker & FLARE data platform
YourFlare – Start-up – Slovenia

Micro-mobility services regulation – Prague 7

Vianova city-led shared mobility data platform
Vianova I/O – Start-up – France

Promoting Micro-Mobility – Riga

Novality safe & connected solution for bikes and scooters parking
Surban – Start-up – Spain

Micro Mobility 5+ Condition – Tallinn

R.O.A.D. Winter System – Ice and snow detection promoting safer micro-mobility
Social Tech Projects – Start-up – Denmark

Congratulations to all the winners! Those following RAPTOR should stay tuned for news and updates about the winners and their progress in developing their respective Solutions and subsequent city demos to come in December 2022.