On-demand mobility in Cascais

SolutionOpenMove On-Demand Mobility System
City PartnerCamara Municipal de Cascais
Winning start-up/SMEOpenMove
Programme EditionCity RAPTOR 2022

Local context

Parede is an old town integrated in the municipality of Cascais. The centre of Parede, mostly along Av. da República, is a quite dynamic area because of its local commerce and services. Although it has a dense pedestrian usage, several issues arise from the existence of heavy traffic, originated both from local users as well as crossing traffic. While the city council would like to introduce some traffic restrictions in the area, alternatives for accessing commerce and services need to be created. In addition, such alternatives could also serve the needs of local residents to travel to the nearby train station and bus station, especially the elderly.
Considering the nature of the local flows, geography and target population, the mobility department considers that a flexible, on-demand solution would be appropriate to fill the gap. Such a solution should be tailored to the geography (urban and with a relatively high dense urban fabric), population characteristics (the main target is the elderly population) and flows (disperse origins with most destinations either along the commerce and services stretch, or the local train station).

The study area has 0,2 km2 and 1562 inhabitants, of which 465 +65 years and 233 -18 years. Especially located along the República Avenue, there are 24 restaurants, 48 local trade stores, and 34 services. The República Avenue is characterized by narrow walkways with high pedestrian density.

The solution should include a scheme of operation of the flexible service that is appropriate for the challenge. Community-based solutions are also possible. The city council may be responsible for supplying vehicles, drivers and the management of the service. For that aim, the solution should include a user information system, a vehicle driver interface, a management system, and a monitoring system that the city can use.

Solution objectives

The solution should meet at least one of the following objectives:

  • The citizens of Parede will also have more options to move around, traveling to either its centre or the train station
  • The elderly in particular will feel a sense of freedom given by a service that adjusts to their needs, contributing to their quality of life through access to social connections and an active life
  • The users of the commerce and services of Parede will have a safer, cleaner and more pleasant public space, with less traffic and more pedestrian space

Solution impact

The solution should target at least one of the following impacts:

  • Possibility for any citizen to reach from their home to the centre of Parede (and vice-versa) within 1 hour
  • >80% of users rate the service positively
  • Vehicle occupancy rate per trip >30%

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