Children’s Road Safety in Prague

SolutionKidFlare children traffic reflector and GPS tracker & FLARE data platform
City PartnerPrague, District 6
Winning Start-Up/SMEFlare
Programme EditionRAPTOR Pilot 2 (2022)

Challenge Overview

The city District of Prague 6 manages a total of 33 kindergartens, which are attended by children aged 3 to 6. As part of pre-school preparation, all facilities try to provide children with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in parks or at themed events, such as a visit to a nearby zoo. Due to the nature of the capital and the city district, group walks place increased demands on the attention of the adult chaperone, especially at road crossings and on public transport. The City of Prague is looking for a technological solution to facilitate the safe supervision of groups of children moving through the city.  

The city of Prague seeks a solution that allows teachers chaperones to monitor the location of the children under their supervision and to receive alerts to potentially dangerous situations. Anonymised data on the movement of children can be further used by the city district for traffic planning and safety features. In the future, the city anticipates the use of this data within the vehicle-to-infrastructure communication concept. 

Solution objectives

The solution should meet at least one of the following objectives:

• Position tracking and data transmission equipment suitable for normal wear by preschool children
• iOS and / or Android compatible applications (possibly also web interface)
• Server part with anonymised data, including the possibility of connection with other applications operated by the district or municipality and prepared for the vehicle-to-infrastructure standard

Solution impacts

The solution should target at least one of the following impacts:

  • Increased safety of chaperoned children’s groups in District of Prague 6  
  • Increased trust in digital tools and connected wearables 
  • Increased parent trust in schooling institutions related to the safety of their children travelling in supervised groups in the city 
  • Improved traffic planning and safety features 
RAPTOR Prague 6

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