Micro Mobility 5+ Conditions

SolutionR.O.A.D. Winter System – Ice and snow detection promoting safer micro-mobility
City PartnerCity of Tallinn
Winning Start-Up/SMESocial Tech Projects
Programme EditionRAPTOR Pilot 2 (2022)

Local context

To reach the City of Tallinn’s goal of becoming climate neutral by 2030, a rapid decarbonisation of the transport sector is required. To achieve this, support of alternative mobility solutions is necessary.

Micro mobility, especially e-scooters, is an essential element in the push to decrease private car ownership in the city. E-scooters are already frequently used as a last-mile option for commuters. The current modal split for micro mobility is at around 4-5%. The City of Tallinn has a goal to increase this to 10%.

Snow and icy weather conditions in the winter months, however, drastically affect micro mobility usage. Current infrastructure is not prepared for extreme weather conditions, which force people to switch to safer transport options.

Currently, there is no solution or infrastructure to provide safe cleared streets to enable use of micro mobility during all months of the year. Through data analysis, the city wishes to implement a flexible approach that provides customised and prioritised clearance of snow and ice.

The City of Tallinn is looking for solutions that inform the need for road clearance, customisation and prioritisation of de-icing routes, planning on demand, as well as a technical solution that clears the roads for micro mobility.

Solution objectives

The solution should meet at least one of the following objectives:

  • Improve dataset combinations for outlining and prioritising road clearance in winter
  • Tools that provide smart solutions for treatment prioritisation
  • A technical solution that clears the roads for micro mobility

Solution impacts

The solution should target at least one of the following impacts:

  • Increased usage of micro mobility 
  • Increased efficiency in the treating of slippery and snowy roads in winter 
  • Improved road conditions 
  • Reduction of micro mobility accidents caused by winter weather conditions 
  • Decreased CO2 emissions and support of Tallinn’s decarbonisation strategy 
  • Increased satisfaction of the citizens and micro mobility users due to better snow and ice clearing  
RAPTOR Tallinn

This project is funded by EIT Urban Mobility, an initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.
EIT Urban Mobility acts to accelerate positive change on mobility to make urban spaces more liveable. Learn more: eiturbanmobility.eu.