2023 CITY CHALLENGE – Capital Region of Denmark

City PartnerCapital Region of Denmark
Winning Start-up/SMEChargeprice
Solution statementChargeprice – The price comparator for EV Charging
Pilot solutionFrench start-up Chargeprice, will pilot its EV charging price comparator which precisely calculates and predicts charging prices among the thousands of charging operators in Europe. Consequently, the app allows EV drivers to find the best charging station and prices based on personal choices.    
Programme EditionRAPTOR 2023


How can overpriced EV charging be avoided and price transparency be ensured for users? 

Situation as-is

The Capital Region of Denmark has a goal to electrify 1.5 million vehicles by 2030. For that, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure and its accessibility and transparency is key for the EV driver to make the right decision. 

When using a private electric vehicle, charging can happen at home, at work or at public charging stations. The public and on-street charging infrastructure in Denmark is well developed and is frequently located throughout the Capital Region of Denmark in parking lots, along streets and at various other locations. 

The price of EV charging in the Capital Region of Denmark is regulated by charging operators themselves, rather than by the government. There are several different charging operators and providers in Capital Region of Denmark, and each has its own pricing policy. The consequence of this is that the price of charging an electric vehicle in Capital Region of Denmark can vary a lot, depending on factors such as the time of day, the amount of energy used and the type of charging station, operator and roaming policies. 

Besides each operator’s own app, different E-Mobility Solution Providers provide apps that allow EV drivers to find charging stations, leave reviews and connect with other plug-in vehicle owners.  

But there is currently no solution that provides a holistic, real-time overview of the price of charging of all different EV charging operators, and this often results in EV drivers paying too much.  

To support the electrification necessary to reach climate goals and to ensure that the charging infrastructure can keep pace with demand, it is necessary to ensure price transparency and offer EV drivers the best conditions to charge their vehicle at a fair price.

Expected to-be situation

  • The development of a solution, preferably an app, that can scan the existing apps of different Charging Point Operators, E-Mobility Service Providers and other actors for their prices for ad hoc charging on their network. 
  • The solution would make sure to propose price transparency for EV charging, giving the opportunity for drivers to take the most convenient decisions based on their locations, it includes price, charging time, battery capacity. As such, improving the EV vehicle ownership experience. 
  • Providing a solution to the problem would solve a major problem in today’s market where EV drivers are confused and frustrated by the multitude of options and apps, and regularly pay more than they should for charging. 

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